Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Etude House: XOXO Minnie

Hi Dolls,
I have something excited to share with you lovelies and it's Etude House the Minnie collections. Now, I only purchased three product from the line and I hope you do enjoy all the pictures that I will be posting up. So let's get started!

Where I purchased these products at?
Please click the link below!

Ta-da! How cute are these??!!? I'm so hyped on the packaging, it's a very wonderful quality.
 So, the first product I purchased was their blusher called Minnie Touch Blusher. I must say the pigmentation is okay, it would look better on lighter or fair skin, if you have tan or darker skin color it might look like a bit chalky because the colors are more pastel. Nonetheless, this can be also great as a matte highlighter as well.
This product retails for $12.00
 How cute is the engraving?!

Next up lastly, I purchased two eyeshadow, one shimmery and one matte. 
The shimmer beige retail for $4.40 and the Peach shadow was $2.80. The prices were decent than other online shop and the quality it very nice/sturdy.
 I do want to say one thing about the first shadow, since it's a shimmery consistency the shadow does not pick up well when using a brush, therefore, preferably using a finger would be best.
Also, they were very generous and sent me some samples with my purchased! How sweet is that?!
If you have any questions feel free to leave a comment below.

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