Friday, August 1, 2014

Review: Rose Mines Plumpy tint in Princess Coral

Hi loves, 
Here a little review I like to share with you. It's a Korean lip tint. I actually purchased this on eBay and yes the seller is legit! If you would like to purchased from the seller I'll leave a direct link below. 
Price: $6.99 shipped
This is just going to be a mini review, only because I tried the product less than five times. First here are the pictures. 

The seller seems very kind, the fact they have added this note to every seller to show they will take every responsibilities if we are not satisfied with the packaged along with the whole transaction.

The packaged arrived nice and safe with secure packaging. I loved how they added a small bow to their packaged, it just shows how much they take costumer service serious. Plus the small things do count (at least to me).  

Here are some samples they've added along with this packaged, how generous can they be? Samples are always nice to try especially when it comes to Korean skin care. =)

Moving's what the product looks like and I must say I love the packaging already! I'm so into floral for quite some time now and I can tell you I've own so many floral items, from clothes to accessories and many more but that will be another story to tell. 
 Product it very cute in my opinion and I thought it would seem like roses but for some reason it doesn't have any scent to it.

My thoughts:
I do enjoy using this product and it's a great color to use on an everyday base depending on how much you put. This product is unscented and texture is very milky like. The tint have a great stain power to your skin, so I suggest you to play with this product for a bit to see how it works before actually applying it to the skin. Color can be use for not only on the lips but cheeks too. I think this product is a very nice, sleek and elegant. 
Color comes out beautifully and looks pigmented but it's because the texture is milky like. 

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