Sunday, November 23, 2014

Current Favorite Eye Shadow Shades~

Hi loves,
I wanted to quickly show my currents shadow shades I've been obsess with and been gravitating towards. As you may know, I do love me a good neutral shades (as you can tell from the pictures below) but I also added a new shade which is more toward shades of burgundy, wine, or plum color as long as it has a hint of burgundy. I think the whole reason behind this is of course Fall! Not only because it's's also because I absolutely adore & love the holiday's such as Christmas! All I can say Christmas have also been my favorite, I think it's because I love the concept of drinking hot coffee or chocolate, the beautiful bright lights along with Christmas trees, giving presents just to see your loved ones smile, and can just say EVERYTHING! haha! Anyways, here are the three shades I'm currently loving & been putting on eyes. 
This brand is straight from Korea, lucky enough I was able to find it at my local theAMORE store! I got these for $5.50 each which is super inexpensive ANDDD may I add with great pigmentation (just can't get any better with that). Regardless, I'm so glad I found these bad boys because they will be used throughout this month and next month. Btw, sorry I totally forgot to add swatches along with this post, so be on the look out for that if you're curious to see how they look like on my arm. Other than that I will end this post. Thanks for always reading and see ya'll soon! 

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