Friday, April 10, 2015

Update~ Sorry for the MIA

Hi Everyone,
Just wanted to do a small brief post as to why I haven't been posting much as I wanted to. My dad was always diagnose with Hepatitis B for quite awhile now, but barely found out around I believe middle of 2010. There are many ways you can get Hepatitis B, but I won't get into the details, as for my father the doctors assumed it was from genetics since they're unsure the reason being. Anyways, he was finally placed on the transplant list from UCLA Medical Center and after being on the list about two years, the UCLA team found a possible liver for him. Now, he had to do two procedures: 1. BYPASS & 2. Liver .... it was pretty nerve racking because knowing my dad he will have to go through the long process. Each procedure took at least 6 hours each, my mom and I didn't want to leave him so we waited in the waiting room from 7p.m. through the next entire day. All this started in March 28, 2015 and till today he's still in the hospital doing wonderful and I feel so blessed that everything was successful. Ok now on with the pictures...

I will be posting pictures of his scars and incisions they made during the procedures, so if you do not want to see them:
if you're curious of how it looks like be my pleasure!
+ more pictures will be post below

This picture was taken on 03/28/15
Before the procedures start...

After the procedure...
He was still asleep from the anesthesia.
I was so sad and my eyes was a little watery when I walked into the room and saw him like this, ohh the pain he was going through... =( But I'm so glad he's so much better now and all the tubes were taken out now. 

Yes, my dad is okay with me taking these pictures, if anything he wanted me to take these pictures. LOL
These picture are recent, was taken yesterday 04/09/2015

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