Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review ~ Korean Skin Care: Royal Gold *Warning* Long Post

Hello Dolls!
I have a long post on two skin care lines that were sent to me from an online shop called RoseRoseShop. Since, they were SUPER generous for sending me so much products, it would only be appropriate to do a review on them and also they're currently being used for my skin care routine as well. So, let me give you a brief description about roseroseshop, I first discovered about them when I was on the hunt for some Asian cosmetics, after that I started making a couple orders with them and sure enough I fell in love with this website. Even though these products that I will be doing a review on were sent as a gift, it does not change my opinion and how I feel about these product. Nonetheless, please enjoy this review and also I have a few Asian cosmetics that I purchased from their website and will do a post on them in the near future. Please be sure to check out their website if you're interested in Korean beauty products, I will put a link below to their online shop and their Facebook page. Lastly, I just wanted to say from the bottom of my heart, thanks you so much for being so generous and taking the time to send these wonderful products!

***Also, please note I will do Morning Veil review on a separate post. This post will be dedicated to only Royal Gold Skin Care. ***
Please click the link below:

Here are the product that were sent to me. =)
 When I first open the packaged, they're all bubble wrapped, expect for the brush (which didn't really matter). Packaged were sent from Korea to US and it normally takes two weeks to get here so, shipping wise is pretty good since it is consider international shipping. Anyways, the processing was excellent and had to wait only two weeks max.
 Here's a little sweet note they added in the mail.

So, here are all the products that were sent to me in the mail. I was very surprised and excited to try them out, rose rose totally made my day since I was also in need of a new skin care product. Now, a side note for you to know, my skin personally is not sensitive so I am not afraid to try any type of skin care lines. I first received this product on January 8, 2014 and been using them to current therefore it's be about one month in a half using these babies! I can honestly say I did not break out nor received any type of reaction towards my skin.

*Royal Gold Skin Care*
Please note ALL of the Royal Gold products always contains 99.9% pure gold for your skin!

Royal Gold Radiant Foundation 
 Picture credit to Rose Rose Shop 

Now, all the Royal Gold products contain 99.9% pure gold for your skin. It is also known as a premium high end brand. Right now it is popular in Korea since ladies and women are very big on making their skin look more alive and healthy.  

 Here's what I received from this line:
-Two Radiant Foundation #21 & #23 7.5g / NET WT. 0.26 OZ.
Price: $55.25 LINK
-Radiant Serum 30 ml / 0.09 FL. OZ. 
Price: $51.00 LINK
-Radiant Cream 45 ml / 1.52 FL. OZ.
Price: $55.25 LINK

 Royal Gold Radiant Foundation 
Picture credit to Rose Rose Shop 

These product got to be a big investment and a splurge because first off it cost $55.25 on the website and that's only the sale price. I could only imagine how much would it cost regular price, in which it would range around $60 something. I'm super grateful to received this as a gift and having a luxury product feels pretty great. lol Anyways, this product reminds me a lot like Estee Lauder from their packaging. Regardless they're both beautiful.

Here's a video that is in Korean, if you're interested in watching.

-Makes skin feel smooth and flawless
-Scent is very nice (if you like fragrance in your product)
-Contain pure gold for your skin
-Product absorbs and oxidize itself
-Cream to powder form
-Made in Korea
-Creamy texture
-Can be used as a concealer or eye brightener
-Can be used as a multi used for ex. if you want to brighten up some are on the face

-Fragrance smell (if you don't like scents in your product)
-Comes only in two shade
-Price wise is expensive
-Does not have a dark shade such as medium beige or tan
-If you do not like cream foundation
-If you're allergic to gold

Royal Gold Serum 
Picture credit to Rose Rose Shop 

So far, I am loving this serum because I normally do not used any serum (I know it's bad). Serum helps many ways depending on what type you get, it can be for wrinkles such as anti aging, skin brightening and many more. So the first step is to use a toner, serum and moisturizer (that's the basic). I normally use this serum on certain areas such as my under eyes and then I top it with my royal gold moisturizer. I don't have any issue with this product and see mild results at the moment since it's been only a month in a half. I do love the feeling since it's light weight and yes it absorbs into your skin without feeling oily.

Royal Gold Cream
Picture credit to Rose Rose Shop

At this moment I've been using this every single day in the morning until night and it makes my skin feel so nice. I believe the gold does help my skin since I don't break out from this product. I'm half way to this cream and it still improves my skin. I wouldn't purchased for $55.25 since it is very expensive, if I had all the money in the world of course I would definitely get it, but at the moment any drug store product is fine. Don't get me wrong I love Royal Gold product but at the same time lets be real it's expensive. But, if you have the chance give it a try such as trying samples or testers. 
If you have any comments or question be sure to leave it below or send me a message. Thanks for reading loves!


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