Sunday, May 11, 2014

Review: Rimmenl London Stay Blushed

Hi Dolls!
Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful moms out there, including mines as well! Even though I'm a daddy's girl, but I always loved you equally!!!

Anyways, I have a quick review for you lovelies on the Rimmel London Stay Blushed. I believe some drug stores still does not carry any of these blushed yet, so I'm feeling lucky to have such wonderful friends to help me find them. As of result, I went crazy and purchased all the colors. I found these babies at Walmart and Kmart. These blushes retail varies because at walmart I purchased them I believe a dollar cheap? I'm not positive since I purchased them since last month. But, you're looking at about $5.00 each (I just rounded the price up, which is still cheap). Now, let's get on with the reviews! 

Rimmel London Stay Blushed came out with only FIVE shades that are quite similar to each other (but that's okay). Here are the pictures.

Here are the names of the swatches from left to right:
001 Pop of Pink
002 Touch of Berry
003 Sunkissed Cherry
004 Peach Flush
005 Apricot Glow

-Smells like fresh florals
-Light weight
-Non glossy/sticky (since it is a mousse texture)
- Natural looking finished
-Great for traveling size
-Lasting power is reasonable
-Great for everyday use such as for work or hanging out.
-Easy to blend just using your fingers

-Colors are not pigmented (more for a natural looking finished)
-Hard to find this product at certain drug stores
-Maybe out of stock for awhile
-If you don't like floral or fragrance in your makeup
-Some people might not like liquid or mousse texture
-Color selection may look similar to each other
-May need to reapply the product a couple hours, depending on your skin type

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