Sunday, June 8, 2014

MEME BOX Makeup Edition

Hi Everyone,
I have a MEME BOX to share with you and this particular box is targeted more with makeup. So, in that case they sent total of five full size makeup products. I do, must say I'm loving all the products they included in the box such as a primer for the face, nice blush for the upcoming summer, concealer pencil, and lastly a gorgeous lip tint. If you like to see all the product please keep scrolling down. =)

What is a MEME BOX?
MEME BOX is not a monthly subscription box, instead they present a wide variety of boxes where you have the choice try them or not. For example, they have a box that targets on one concept such as "skin care box", then you will have the option to purchased it or not. The products that they sent are mainly Korean beauty products. If you are subscribe to their e-mail list, then you will always be notified if there are any upcoming deals or new boxes. Now, as for the price range it varies depending on what type of boxes you purchased and shipping will always be $6.99. I'll include the link below so if anyone is interested then you will be able to check it out. Thank you for reading and please enjoy this post! =)


Here is an overall view of the products.

Cheek Room 
Makeup Base in Green
I have not tried this product yet, so I can't say much about it.

Dr. Young
Anti Pore Eraser Balm
I've tried this product out about two times and I can't really say much besides it smooths out my skin. lol Sorry not much help there. And this product does contain a fragrance scent.

 MustaeV Spot Concealer Pencil
I used this product as an under eye concealer and a highlighter. This product does help a little but not as a full coverage (if that's what your looking for). Anyways, the formula is a bit drying and not so creamy at all which I don't mind but some people do.

in ReBorn Sorbet Melting Tint Gloss
I'm so glad I received this nice lavender color rather than the pink one (since I own so much pink's already). I absolutely adore this product because it gives the right color tint on my lips and feels a lot nicer than the other Korean lip tints. I said this product is a lot better than the other Korean lip tints because it's moisturizing throughout the whole day, WHILE the other tints I've tried have a drying effect (which is not so pleasant).

Ladykin Blossom Blusher
in 02 Milky Apricot
At first I thought this blusher looks too light for me so, I was starting to feel a bit disappointed but then I gave it a try and it wasn't all bad. First of it gives my cheeks a nice flushed peach color and it also have a mild scent on the blush as well. This products wasn't that bad but I wouldn't repurchased it just cause the color pigmentation wasn't that vibrant.
Thanks for readying!

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