Monday, November 23, 2015


Hi loves!
This is not a beauty related post, if you're not interested in reading this, please skip. Thanks!
If you have been reading my blog for awhile, you would know that my father have been ill off and on due to his recent liver transplant. Although, his liver transplant was a success, unfortunately along the lines, one of his arteries were blocked and now he has infection in his blood. With that being said, he's been constantly in Ronald Regan UCLA hospital and this time he has been in the ICU since October 27, 2015 till now. It's been stressful for my family and I, if you ever wonder why I have not been not up to date with my social media...this  is the reason why and please do forgive me. The good news is he's back on the liver transplant list with MELD score of 30 meaning if there's a liver offering he will be first in line...but, this time around he is at a SUPER HIGH RISK of heart attack or death. It's sad to hear the doctors telling us that but I believe he can pull through it and keeping everything positive. Please pray for us and thank you for always reading my blog. 

One more thing, if you would like to see pictures of my father, simply click "read more"
As a reminder, just know that someone out there cares for you dearly, so just think positive and keep yourself motivated, I  know sometimes life can be hard but just push yourself & continue living your life. Ignore all the negativity you really don't need them!
Please be aware, the liver made my father skin very dark when you see the pictures. I also give it to my mother because she has been through it all with my father. She have sleepless nights at the hospital caring for my father and I have staying in the ICU ever since October & yes you can sleep overnight even though it quite uncomfortable with no bed.

These are the pictures from October 27, 2015 
He was admitted to the emergency room with a high fever of 105 degree

After a few hours they moved him t the ICU.

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