Friday, December 13, 2013

December ISPY's Bag 2013

Hi Everyone,
Today I received my ISPY bag and I was interested in two products only. One is the blush stick and secondly, the gorgeous red nail polish. Other than that the other products will be left neglected lol. Anyways, I did a quick look using the eye shadow trio and the blush stick, I hope you enjoy this post and now on with the pictures!
 I also do this this bag, the texture and design it's very nice and this will be my to-go makeup bag.

be a...
blush stick
What can I say about this product? I do love it and this color is very pigmented, you can also used this for your lips so this is a 2 in 1 product. You also need to be quite careful with applying the product because little goes a long way. 

NYX Lipstick
The only reason why I don't like this product because of the color, this color is totally not my cup of tea, why you ask? Because I tend to lean more into pinks, purples, and corals. I just think I look more flattering with those colors rather than other ones. I'm kind of picky with my lip colors and I also don't really like sparkle or shimmery lipstick.  

What can I say about these perfume...
At first, I thought oh rose scent I like that, maybe I'll fall in love with this one too but nope, the scent is completely different from my preferences. It's definitely more into a way older adult scent and I think I'll just stick to my fresh floral scents. 

 POP Beauty is a very cute nice brand, since it's kind of a high end brand, but this shadow I wasn't too fond of because of the fall out powder and glitters. This is a no for me since I wear contacts it did irritated my eyes. But I do love their other products such as the lippies.

I didn't use this nail polish yet so I can't say much. For now I present you these pictures.

Here's a few pictures of the eye shadow I used by pop beauty and the blush stick, sorry the pictures are not in good quality. 
Thanks for reading!

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