Monday, July 7, 2014

Review: FOREVER 21 Smoothing Face Balm

Hi Everyone,
I have a review for you and it's the Smoothing Face Balm by Forever 21. Now, I normally don't really purchase Forever21 cosmetic because of the quality and it wasn't all that great. But when I saw their premium line, that's a whole different story! lol After seeing their new cosmetic line it reminded me some of the Asian/Korean cosmetics that I owned, when I looked at the back of the packaging it stated it was made in Korea so that made me feel more confident in purchasing this. After, that I can honestly tell you the prices were pretty decent (a little bit pricey though) and the quality is way better than the other line called "love&beauty". Here is my point of view on this face balm. 

Retail: $10.80
-Scent is light and fresh
-Cream to powder type of texture 
-Can be used as a primer
-Smoothing skin and blemishes
-Made in Korea
-Price is decent and worth the money
-When product is applied onto skin, it is transparent
-Smooth out fine lines and wrinkles
-Staying power is decent, lasted about five hours or more
-Skin feels soft and smooth
-Not a silicone texture
 -Not all Forever21 carry their premium cosmetic
-The only con I would see is, it can be oily if you have oily skin

Thanks for stopping by. =)

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